Naughty Toy is GO!!

Finally launch day is here!

I’m pleased to announce that after lots and lots and lots of fiddling and fine tuning and numerous entire redesigns, is open for business. This has been a real journey for me as a website developer and prospective entrepreneur. From the first optimistic thoughts of “I think I’ll try selling rubber dicks on the internet – how hard can it be?”  down numerous blind alleys and fruitless efforts to eventually produce a website I’m actually proud to call myself the owner of. There have been many moments over the last couple of years since I first began this project when I really thought I’d never ever get to the stage where I could honestly say that the site was complete and all there was to do was to promote it and make sure customers get here and find good value products and outstanding customer service.

I took the screenshot below, earlier today when inspecting the site after tweaking the carousel slider and I’m so proud of the way it looks. No doubt there will be many more problems to overcome before I can say whether this venture will ever be a success from a business point of view, but for today, I’m just going to bask in the warm satisfaction of getting the actual website finished. Let’s hope this is the start of a glorious new enterprise!

Andy Kerr.